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1. The Austrian Ortax is compulsory. Please fill out the form and hand it back to us.

2. Please leave your email address if you wish to be contacted with special offers.

3. There is free Wi-Fi. Landhaus Alexa. Password Cube@2020

4. There is a dining room on the ground floor. If you wish to sit in there at any time, or you can use the kitchen.

5. The tap water is drinkable. It comes from the mountain, so it is better than bottled water.

6. The house is no smoking. Please only smoke outside the house, at the front by the garage.

7. Please note there are to be no naked flames in the apartments

8. Skis are stored in the shed around the back of the house. Code is C23579X

9. Ski boots are stored in the ski boot room off the porch. Please ensure the door of this room is kept tightly shut. Keeping all internal doors closed will ensure the house stays warm

10. Please do not wear outside shoes inside the house.

11. The bins are labeled for recycling. If you are unsure, please ask. Cardboard, plastic and tin all go together. Glass jars and bottles are kept separate. Food and all other rubbish in another bin.

12. Please empty the rubbish regularly. If your bin requires emptying, please take the bin bag downstairs and leave it on the front.

13. If you require an iron or hairdryer or have forgotten anything, please ask.

14. Washing of clothes can be accommodated at 10 euros per load, including drying. (not ironing)
15. There is a house front door key on your apartment keys. Please ensure you lock the front door when entering or leaving.

16. Please take care when walking in the car park. Landhaus Alexa takes no responsibility for accidents in the car park.

17. If there is a problem with anything in your apartment, please let us know. There is a bell on the 1st landing at the top of the stairs or in the case of emergency, we live on the top floor, so please come up and see us, or message 00447477449992 / 00447734930192

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