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TIP - The skiers/riders code of conduct

1. Respect others 

Don’t prejudice against other skiers or boarders on the mountain and do not behave in such a way that might endanger others.
2. Control your speed 
Know your ability and always stay in control of your speed and balance so that you can stop and avoid other people or objects. If you are not sure about your ability, then perhaps take some lessons with a qualified instructor to increase your confidence.
3. The right of way 
It’s an age-old argument that echoes off the mountains following a tumble... Regardless of who cut who off, the rule of the thumb is that those who are below you on the slope have the right of way. Choose your route accordingly and judge your speed so that you do not endanger them.
4. Overtaking
Leave plenty of space when you are overtaking another skier or snowboarder so that if the the overtaken person makes any unpredictable movements, no one is likely to have a crash.
5. Merging 
If your piste is about to merge with another piste, or you are about to set off again from a stand-still position, always look UP the slope to check for any oncoming ski traffic to avoid endangering yourself and others.
6. Stopping on the piste. 
Try to avoid this unless absolutely necessary. If you must stop, do so in a safe location at the side of the piste where you can clearly be seen from above.
7. Climbing or descending on foot 
Keep to a safe side of the piste when climbing or descending on foot and make sure that you are clearly visible at all times.
8. Respect signs and markings 
Pay attention to all given signs, markings and warnings that are dotted around the resort. These can warn you about potential closed areas, avalanche likelihood and whether the weather is about to turn.
9. Assistance & Identification
If you witness an accident- help. It is every skier and snowboarder’s duty to make sure that the injured person is given the correct medical attention. Carry a charged mobile phone and call the ski patrol if necessary. For insurance purposes, anyone involved in an accident (witness or otherwise) that escalates must exchange details.

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