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Summer at Landhaus Alexa

In short, the mountains are your oyster here, it’s more about what do you NOT want to do. All events can be self-led or done with an organised group and all locations no further that 30 mins drive from our chalet. The mountains in the Austrian Alps are amazing and no two views are the same.  

Cycling - all sorts of activities, road and off road, mountain biking and mountain challenges.  The biggest is the Stone Man Challenge - for proper cyclists it's a must.



1. Walking - Hiking and hill walking or fell running. 

2. Mountain go-carting

3. Skiing/ Ice Climbing - yes there are areas not too far away that will still have snow!!

4. Ice caves, salt mines, glaciers and waterfalls

5. Rock Climbing/  Ferrates and zip wires

6. Paragliding/ Golf/ Archery

7. Water sports - Centre in Flachau.  Lake’s swimming & paddle boarding.

8. Theme Spas

9. Cultural Castles, Eagles Nest at Berchesgarten, The Red Bull Hangar 7, City of Salzburg (sound of music tour!!) Augustine & Steigl Brewery 

10. 21 Summer lifts are open covering Schladming-Dachstein, Gastein, Hoch König and Grossarltal mountains


It would be a case of working out what you wanted to do. The activities will be no more expensive than in the UK.  Bike hire is less than 25 euros per day also. There is a Salzburgerland Summer Card that gives a lot of discounts also.

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